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Twitter India's new logo, designed to prevent online trolls

05, Mar 2017 By ajeeb

Bombay: Turning stringent against the online trolls, twitter has decided to give up the old logo and have come up with a new one which intrinsically is going to bid adieu to the online devils.

“The best speech which depicts freedom is supposed to be delivered on an imaginary plain.” Jack Bhai Modi

An executive , on conditions of anonymity, said “Twitter, at present, is a social troll platform, and society specially the liberals and women aren’t safe online. This new logo will help in reducing the number of abusive trolls.” Adding further he showed some heinous tweets which shook us to the brim.

“We, apparently, have to suspend such handles to maintain harmony,few handles are intelligent they know how to delete previous tweets but the ganwaar and poor ones’ are meant to be suspended.” the executive quipped while suspending a handle @being_humor. “I will show you the kind of tweets that are holding democracy in this communal era.”