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"Tweeting about Sonia Gandhi this early was the biggest mistake of my life": Lalit Modi

10, Jul 2015 By manithan

Montenegro: Lalit Modi who was in the news for a pretty much long time is finding himself suddenly out of limelight. And he himself has owned up to the reason behind this sudden pariah imposed on him by mainstream media.

Speaking to Faking News, Lalit Modi said, “I’m very much happy and elated that you guys at least are coming to meet me and interview me. My tweets were very famous during the past month. My follower count increased a lot and I had high hopes and ambitions of floating a media channel. I know that it is impossible to operate a media channel in India without the backing of a political party. Media and politics are like fly and flowers. Fly needs flower for living and flower needs flies for spreading. So, I would have even started a political party. Many astrologers had said that Modi would become PM in 2019. I was under impression that it would be this Lalit Modi who would become the PM of India in 2019.”

Lalit Modi trying to show Hand symbol of Congress in a different manner so that we would atleast publish his interview (which is his last one too)
Lalit Modi trying to show Hand symbol of Congress in a different manner so that we would at least publish his interview (which is his last one too)

Suddenly, he removed his glass and wiped the tears that started oozing out from the corner of his eyes, “But all those dreams are shattered now. The castles that I built all these weeks from the bricks and stones thrown at me by Arnab and other news channels; are gone now, vanished in thin air. I do not want to blame anyone else. I should have known this before. The moment I uttered the name of Sonia Gandhi, all of my ambitions and even my future have gone bleak now. I should have either not revealed Sonia Gandhi’s name or at least should have used acronyms used by Subramaniam Swamy.”

“This is entirely my own mistake. I failed to read from previous exposures of scams. Take for example, Kejriwal. He exposed everyone, but never touched the name of Sonia Gandhi. And that is how he got popularity, became CM twice. Tweeting about Sonia Gandhi very early was the biggest mistake of my life. I was told to talk only about BJP, but it was my mistake that I went to Congress and named the One-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. I even called Rajdeep to interview me again now, but he just said Shubh-Ratri and disconnected the call.”, said depressed Lalit Modi, who then drank glass full of rum in a single shot and threw the glass at the wall in frustration.