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TV suffers abuse for showing 'Bharat Nirman' ad

21, Jan 2014 By hoaxslayer

In an expected  event, a TV is the victim of a man’s anger. The man, who was watching the news with his group of buddies, came across the “Bharat Nirman” ad from the Indian National Congress.

Poor TV.
Poor TV.

The man, known by his name “Thakur Shaab”, allegedly got so angry with the advertisement that he threw the coffee table at the T.V.

His another friend, Rocky “BC” Rocker, was literally rolling on the floor-Laughing! He was laughing so hard that he had to be shifted to the emergency room of All India Mental Hospital in Delhi.

Delhi police have arrived at the scene and have registered an FIR, which was made by the 60-inch T.V. for ‘Physical Abuse’ by the owners under a section of the IPC.

The police are unavailable for comment as they are busy arguing with Arvind Kejriwal. The man has come under severe criticism from the online community.

“What the fudge, mhan?! That’s a 60 inch T.V. for Christ’s sake! One does not ‘simply’ own a 60-inch T.V. and destroy it”, Tweeted an Angry Rohit.

Meanwhile, the BJP and the AAP are coming down heavily on the Congress for ‘Contributing to the physical abuse of TVs’ and bringing out false advertisements.

BJP has assured the country that if it comes to power, then it will protect the dignity of all the TVs, irrespective of their size.

The SP, too, cashing in on the incident claimed that they would give free TVs for every household with Akilesh’s personal channel as the only available channel. And assured us that Akilesh would deploy 11 new regiments of UP police to beat the crap out of anyone who protested against his move.