Friday, 20th April, 2018

"Tum mujhe Sunny Leone do, mai tumhe status dunga", tweeted President Trump to put an end to H1B controversy.

23, Jan 2018 By HARSH DOLIA

Washington, D.C. Amid all the controversies which president Trump was facing in light of government shutdown, DACA immigrants and H1B visas, he decided to put an end to it with an arousing tweet which says, “Tum mujhe sunny leone do, mai tumhe status dunga.”

Minutes after he tweeted, it backfired when Mark Zukerburg replied, “We want Zareen Khan who is more arousing than Sunny.” Tim cook, CEO of Apple Inc. replied, “We want Deepika Padukone.” On the same Trump replied, “Tumhari maa ki” in Hindi so that no one could interpret it. Porn industry leader tweeted, “The decision is simply outstanding. It will boost the porn industry. All other porn stars are water less tea in front of sunny. This will help increase our sales and our IRP (Internet rating points) will reach more heights than NASDAQ and SENSEX.”

Trump sad after losing a trusted like-minded partner
Trump shocked after seeing tweets from Zuckerberg and others

Following the same, he called for a press conference to announce the same. He started speaking in an erotic tone,”My tweet on sunny leone was written by me with full consciousness and not by my dog. I appeal Mr. Modi to return back my citizen Sunny Leone to me and I will give H1B status to all the dreamers.” When a reporter asked him about the same adjusting his pants, he said, “10 days back I was very upset, tired, filled with tension. I did not know what to do. Suddenly my makeup man sunny mandela came to office to take his kit. Looking at sunny, Sunny Leone came to my mind. She has always rescued me to release my pressure, whether i am at home, office or senate. So i logged on to but i could not find any new videos. No new videos were uploaded since she started acting in bollywood. I also watched her bollywood movies, but neither helped me to release the pressure. I asked congressman about the same and they were also very upset with the same. They said that they could not pass their time during the senate sessions. So immediately we went on shutdown and met secretly to make a new policy on Sunny Leone. And here we are with the new policy. My decision is full and final.” All the senators started hooting hip hip sunny, hip hip sunny.

When our reporters tried to contact the Indian politicians, some were busy with the strategy to ban Padmavati, sorry Padmavat, extremely sorry Padmaavat with an extra “A”, some were busy downloading Sunny’s videos before the same gets banned. On the other side, Sunny Leone refused to comment or reply or give us a bite.