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True to his words, Rahul Gandhi tramples own dream to fulfill the dream of common man

14, Sep 2013 By diggyleaks

Keeping his words of Wednesday’s Udaipur speech, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today trampled a dream of his own to replace it with the dream of the Common Man.

rahul gandhi
No more a dreamer.

According to highly placed sources in 10 Janpath, the young leader looked deeply concerned for his historic promise as he came out of his bedroom this morning and wished to wait no time in keeping it.

So, Rahul Gandhi started his day with trampling and trifling up on his old dream of controversial Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi becoming Prime Minister, and hawkish sleuths of CBI and ED hounding him for his Young Indian deals, and chasing his brother in-law businessman Robert Vadra for the latter’s alleged land scams.

The nightmarish dream is said to often haunt him at nights ending up with Mr Gandhi awake yelling a loud “NAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!!!!!!!”, sources further confirmed.

“Today was the last time Rahul Gandhi ji had this dream, now it has no place in his sleep,” another source close to the Gandhi scion confirmed.

But this was not all, it seemed Rahul Gandhi was still far from being satisfied as he second phase of his promise kept on pending, a third source revealed to Faking News.

This prompted the Congress deputy chief to eagerly rush to take and own up the dream of the Common Man who because of increasing poverty and sky scrapping inflation, could not dream of anything other than a stomach full of meal.