Monday, 19th March, 2018

Tricks vanish things into thin air

03, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Why is the whole thing vanishing from our view? Nowadays there have been formulated tricks to make the things go missing suddenly. It is done after manipulative tendencies. There continues a calculated move for creating such kind of circumstances. Not only the vegetables are vanishing but even the politicians are also disappearing from the direct vision. The cerebral dexterity is supposed to be imperative characteristic for undertaking this kind of deed. If reddish round tomatoes have vanished from our kitchen, the onions are following just the same recourse with the passing of days.

Leave aside the green vegetables, The Congress spokesperson Shakti Singh Gohil allegedly charged that the ruling party has possessed the power to make the people vanish. Strangely enough, this is quite odd development in the political record. The magicians used to show how the animate things vanished from the sight but it is becoming quite common these days. Every political party appears to be concerned with this observable fact. The elected legislatures are being removed to a safer location with the fear of vanishing in view of the magical magnetic power of the political parties. O God, have mercy on our established democratic values!

There lurks the danger over the traditional kitchen with the news of gradual elimination of the LPG subsidy consequently. This is linked with the wholesome vanishing procedure of ending the persistent cooking gas subsidy. There is every possibility of the people going persuasive for picking up dry trunks for fuel. So far we find the common people running to open fields for defecating and also for collecting the drinking water on the roadside taps. Reversely, the days are not far when the people will be seen running for alternative means of fuel for cooking their daily meals. Side by side, the fury of the floods are vanishing the states’ topography.