Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Treatment goes wild this day

18, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

What is it if the relatives carry the dead body in absence of the ambulance? So thinks the hospitals or the impassive medical authorities. The total lack of human feelings among the therapeutic individuals says much more than what we can distressingly dream of. The UP’s Sambhal district episode is another instance where a man was forced to carry his relative’s dead body on his shoulder after being allegedly disallowed facility of an ambulance by the government hospital. Later, the corpse was carried on the motorcycle.

The police said that the hospital authority allegedly asked the relative to immediately take the body and leave. An enquiry has been ordered into the matter though. While the relative maintained that the moment the doctors have seen the boy they asked us to leave. We have to carry the body on our shoulders without a stretcher and brought the body on a motorcycle with no ambulance. The hospital authorities have its particular safe version.

“It is not like we did not warn you!” It can be said that the bewailing relatives’ hands would have gone astray. Taking on the numb body was definitely a very agonizing experience. Despite this agonized sight the doctors’ hearts failed to soften for the aggrieved relatives. The medical profession is directly linked to human emotions but what usually comes out shows shocking spectacle.

The patients have to suffer a lot these days. They are told to bring digital X-ray copy if they happen to produce a traditional print. If the doctors’ advice of the blood test is done at another testing centre, the attendants are told to conduct the examination at the doctors prescribed place. It is often said treatment is most expensive this day. It seems it is suddenly going wild for it aims at money, not man.