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Traveller pinpricks in vast ocean

20, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The latest case of samosa defilement in the Delhi-Rajendra Nagar Rajdhani Express has yet not stirred as much noise as the film Padmavati gained recently. One passenger extended the order for the tasty samosa which often brings extra energy to the cartoon character ‘Motu’. But to his utter dismay, it contained a very stern iron pin that caused wounds into his mouth. This piece of samosa was handed over to him by the train’s pantry car vendor. His tweet in this regard fetched him medical help right away.  The passenger found something inappropriate and he felt quite honestly uncomfortable.

Of course, the rail passengers were tired of improper mix up in the snack delivery. The passengers bemoaned of such upsetting terrific kind of trend during the course of their journey. The very samosa appeared to have contained terrific thing like an iron pin in speed up inclination. This ingredient simply is filled with potato mash but the cook seemed to have a metal thing in place of the green chilly. The vegetables’ prices are not normal comparatively so the adulterations of some unfamiliar ingredients are becoming quite trendy in the long journey pantry cars. What if a passenger’s mouth bleeds or injures?

That may be unsound, incoherent and difficult but it can’t be unreal in a true sense of the surprising disclosure. The train passengers obviously desire eatables and when they are compelled to consume dirty foods their hunger quickly evaporates into the fast-moving sounds of the train. They realise a sense of fault for ordering the selective dish and somewhere he realises the truth over the quality. They take pity with themselves about inviting troubles through the meal. The railways can’t delude the poor, weary passengers on every occasion. How can passengers’ woes be ignored? It looked as if the passenger consumed samosa for increasing his pain.