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Transformation of a Nerd into Dude

09, Nov 2012 By nasty

Teerthankar, a hardworking college passout knew all his dreams had come true the day he got placed in the dude company CreamWorks.

Analyzing his future colleagues’ fb pics, he immediately chopped off all his expensive formal pants bought during his internship at Murugan Stanley, to knee length.

At the end of day 1, he informed with an embarrassed smile that as a part of ‘disfigure-any-name’ tradition, he was named ‘Tatti’. He now misses his college nickname “Ghissu”.

He had been feeling out of place due to his weird Indian accent and hence, has started watching video lectures of TV series “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” to get rid of this handicap, as suggested by a colleague who had prior experience in this field. After a month of joining, he has even learnt to distinguish between a dude and a babe even when both have the same ponytail and pretty earrings.

Though he regrets wearing GAP sweatshirt no matter how hot the weather is and longs for a full pant on a cold day, he knows coolness will radiate only this way. His mother does scold him for wearing bathroom slippers to work and sometimes, doubts if he is even going to work.

To complete his dude-ification, he has decided to buy lots of boomer for free tattoos for his biceps, as he is still numb with the pain of ear piercing and trying hard to get a hot girlfriend.

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