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Transcript of a telephonic call between Rawalpindi and Delhi

21, Aug 2014 By khakshar

Due to cross connections and some improvement in Information Technology the Faking News is in possession of  a recorded telephonic call. It was  between Rawalpindi and New Delhi at 10.30 AM (Indian Time ) on 20 th of August , 2014.

The Faking News correspondent was surprised by the conversation . The correspondent of course was looking in the dust bins near Pakistani High Commission at    Shantipath, Chanakyapuri , New Delhi  for some leads to a story.  The conversation was proved perfectly in order when the correspondent attended the Press Conference by the Pakistani High Commission at the  Foreign Correspondence Club. Here is excerpts of the transcript of the telephonic call —

High Ranking Official in High Commission ( Mabdul Ghasit) — Salam, Janab.

General(Retired) Basha-Former Head  Of PISI— Hmm… Why haven’t you held the Press Conference

Ghasit— Was just waiting for your final instructions, Janab

Basha –Hmm. Play the “57” card  carefully. The enemy must know that if it has a 56 Inch Breast , we have a 57 Inch Breast. Tell them that we have foiled their 57 Border Violations. Tell them that those Stone Pelting activists are stake holders

Ghasit– But the road map to Peace talks

Basha–  Haven’t you heard of Vaidik , Aiyer or T-II , Khan Saheb can exercise his personal influence on Media in India and ask them to build a pressure on Moody through some “Daman”

Ghasit– Aman, Janab.  Well ,Trust me, Sir , Ho Jayega. Sir, Did you talk with Kaptaan Saheb ?

Basha – Of Course. He has been asked to take lunch and rest . In the evening , he can start his “Dharma”.. “Big Boys Play Only at Night”, You Know

Ghasit– Dharna..

Basha – I Know, I know . Don’t interrupt .

Ghasit– If you could tell him for my Posting in London or at UN .Is getting hot at this place with the stand by Moody Sarkar..

Basha— Hmm.. Use the name of Kaptaan Imran Khan when the Press Conference gets tough. Many of the Journalists in India just drool over his name. His nuisance value is much mor in India than Pakistan .Media even likens a 5 foot coughing clerkish man to our handsome 60 year old Pathan. Well, I’ve called up my friends in India , they will create some Ocean controversy in Noon , so as to remove the focus from your Press Conference.. What those Burriyat were talking

Ghasit– So Kind of you. The Media here tends to have a two hour memory..Burriyat as Always asking for more  Hawala Transactions..

Basha— Hmm.. Never Trust them.  Betrayal is in their blood..Stone Collectors and Peltors

Ghasit— He.He.Janab .. Just like your new disciple Kaptaan , who promised that he will not enter the “Red Zone ” in Islamabad in morning but by evening sent a group of “Khawateens” first and then checked in himself at midnight (Khawateen- Lady)

Basha–Shut up ! Go, Attend the conference . Hafeez Saeed Saheb is also on another line and have to give my daily  account to him. Khuda Hafiz..

Ghasit and Basha are imaginary names.