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Train's trip ends with new feeling

21, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Passengers boarded the Seemanchal Express for the swift journey in order to reach their destination but it completed the distance of 195 kms in about five hours between Allahabad and Kanpur on Monday. There was experienced sufficient sluggish speed. Even the Goods train was allowed to pass before this train at a certain station. The caution was certainly there but its irregular stoppage throughout the way made the passengers livid.

Being the afternoon journey the passengers were grudgingly tolerating the humidity in the stuffed compartment. While different eating things were available with no trouble. The passengers availed the cold drinking water bottle at the fixed price at the Fatehpur railway station. However, the vendors were selling the water bottle at above the preset price. One samosa vendor failing in his attempt to sell his fried item moved on by saying something harsh in annoyance.

But what was driving the passengers mad was the purchase of biryani from the vendors. Owing to their desire for the afternoon lunch, a few passengers wholeheartedly bought packed food at the high-priced rate. To their utter dismay, it was not worth appetizing to consume and more than that it was highly spiced. This made them throw the packed items out of the running train. The raw gram was found to be worth consuming as the vendors sold a freshly prepared item.

How can a train journey complete without any fresh experience? It is never possible at least in the Indian Railways. In certain hours the passengers realise the actual image of the country. The general bogey passengers had to undergo all the sufferings during their occasional journey. It is on this very bogey one comes to know of the country’s different people. As the train was coming from Jogbani in Bihar, the people of that state detailed of the acute poverty prevailing there.