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Train berth to be allocated by the co-passengers: IRCTC will have no role in allocating the berth to the passengers

20, Feb 2017 By Apoorv Nigam
Suresh Prabhi seeing people's reaction
Suresh Prabhu seeing people’s reaction

New Delhi. India’s biggest e-commerce portal for online ticketing operations has officially declared in a press statement today that all tickets booked online from its website will only have a train name and number printed on it. Coach and berth number to be decided by the co-passengers traveling with the passengers since this practice of choosing the berth for the fellow passengers is running for ages and co-passengers have their rights to reserve the same. Fraction of the society also believes that this is a good move by the IRCTC since now at least they will get to know in advance that not to except preferred booked seats as chosen from the portal earlier.

All India Union of Train Ticket Examiners also welcomes the decision of IRCTC.  “Such a bold step will help us to reduce our work as from now we just need to count the no. of passenger sitting inside the booked coach”, said Ak Ganguly, TTEs East Zone, Chamaparan Express, Indian Railways.

IRCTC, which is known for changing the face of train ticket booking in India and bringing the work at all corporates across India to halt between 10 AM to 11 AM by engaging the employees in their websites, also said more such user friendly decision are expected to announce within next few months.