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Traffic policeman accepts Sodexo Food coupons as bribe

13, Sep 2013 By The Gun

Bangalore: A traffic hawaldaar accepted Sodexo coupon from a tele-commuter as bribe when he broke the traffic rule.  Puneet, a  young software engineer, was charged with Rs 245 worth Sodexo food coupons when he sped past the traffic police speed gun.

Puneet was hurrying to his office on a Monday when he was stopped by traffic guard for crossing the speed limit of 60 km/h by a narrow margin of 2 km/h. On being interrogated, Puneet pulled off his helmet and got down from his Pulsar with an innocent face to win some sympathy.

Coupons that are distributed in the name of benefits by HR.

“Sir, I am a student of Jyoti Nivas College” Puneet lied, recollecting name of a college in the city which he circumferences the most on Saturdays. Later, he figured out the reason for the hawaldaar’s surprise when his friends educated him about Jyoti Nivas being a girl’s college. The policeman threatened to issue a challan to Puneet to which he would need to pay Rs 2000.

When indigent Puneet explained his ‘state of mind’ by showing only Rs 60 in his tattered wallet, the policeman eyes lightened to see white colored papers along with it. Puneet told him that they were Sodexo coupons that he used to purchase snacks in office, the hawaldaar showed pity and agreed to accept those coupons and spare him.

“The incident costed me lesser than Rs 245 as it was my non-taxable income and I would not get tax exemption on the amount, had I paid in cash”, said visibly pleased Puneet to Faking News. He added, “This was a great deal and I will recommend all government offices to consider offering the same.”

Puneet has requested his company to increase the amount of food coupons if it could not give him a salary raise. Coupons will help employees in such incidents if it cannot buy them easily-eatable lunches in their offices.