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Traffic Police fines Usain Bolt for overtaking Robert Vadra in Gurgaon

10, Jan 2014 By 0mar Abdullah

Gurgaon. Usain Bolt, Jamaican sprinter, widely regarded as the fastest person on earth who holds record for 100 meter, 200 meter among several other records, recently came to city for a promotional event.

Nobody can overtake me

“I like India very much. I have ran various marathons in this country. I like Indians because they are very energetic and they are very competitive as well,” Usain Bolt said.

When asked why your name is registered in Gurgaon Police station, he said, “I am not fully aware of the Indian law. I love to do morning walk and I was following my daily routine. My walking speed was normal and I overtook several persons. But still don’t know why I was fined.”

Gurgaon Police has fined 1,000 Jamaican Dollar to Bolt and seems they have completed the target of January month by collecting the money from Bolt.

“He was walking so fast that he couldn’t see other persons. He even didn’t greet Mr. Vadra while overtaking him,” Traffic police expressed Bolt’s ignorance, “Mr. Vadra was also there to enjoy the morning walk but bolt completely ignored and overtook him dangerously. It is against traffic law especially in case of Mr. Vadra and we imposed fine on him.”

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have not reacted to the development yet. Even Jamaican ambassador to India has not reacted as he fears that Mr. Vadra may grab their embassy’s land from them.

But like true sportsperson Usain Bolt is not shaken by this incident and will continue his morning walk regularly. “But, I will greet each person whom I will meet during my walk especially anyone who is wearing black shades. This will be my new year resolution,” Usain Bolt revealed his resolution to Faking News.