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Traffic Police Association threatens to ban taxi services as techies start using them after visiting pub

26, Mar 2015 By dasu

Bangalore. The traffic policeman Dayananda Hegde is going to retire in few months. He confesses to faking news team that now a days his ‘other’ income is not matching his expectation. He is worried how he will survive in a city like Bengaluru where there is no one like Arvind Kejriwal to provide him free water and electricity.

He told our reporter, “Earlier I used to stand on major junctions of the city and check every driver especially ones who looked like a techie driving sedans. At least half of them would be drunk and in such a state they were not able to distinguish between a five hundred rupee note and hundred rupee note.” He continued, “During Friday and Saturday nights there would be fight amongst policemen to occupy the streets filled with pubs. More often than not our seniors would settle the matter.”

Policeman Mr Hegde keeping watch on traffic
Policeman Mr Hegde keeping watch on traffic

Faking News reporter asked when the per capita alcohol consumption among youngsters have increased, how come his income has not kept pace with this? He told us, “It is difficult to find a techie who does not have a smartphone. On top of this everyone has installed free apps for cab service providers like Bola, Upper & Maru. These taxi service providers allure customers by offering free rides like our politicians offer free rice, free TV sets before elections.”

Our senior reporter spoke to one of the techie Anoop Rajan who is visiting pubs from his school days. He is so acquainted with Bengaluru pubs, if anyone asks for direction to visit a place, he can direct them by telling him the pub names from that area as reference points.

Anoop who consumes more liquor than water was quite sensible while speaking to us. He told us, “I do understand the concern of the traffic policeman who stand in the heat and dust to get hold of someone like me. Here I feel like cheating them by booking cabs. Earlier while finalizing my monthly budget, I will keep aside some portion for traffic police. Of late I am disappointed with these policeman. They harass you like anything. They do not understand how to behave with a loyal and regular customer like me. Sometimes I feel like I am not drunk, they are.”

“Unlike auto drivers, these cab companies employ people who are well educated through IIN curriculum. They never misbehave, do not charge one penny extra. Their apps are also so simple that my son who is in play school is able to book the cab,” Anoop added.

Mr Hegde is worried if everyone becomes sensible like Anoop, many traffic posts in Bangalore will close down. He told us, “It is government’s duty to save the livelihood of traffic policemen and their families. Government should advertise to educate people, as to how these taxi services are unsafe and should encourage more and more people to use their own vehicle especially after they visit pubs, bars.”

Mr Hegde has plans to continue his fight even after his retirement and create awareness among tech community.