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Toppers bunked the farewell, college on high alert

21, Apr 2015 By Gourav Shukla

Raipur: With the farewell season ongoing in most of the colleges a relatively new kind of incident has took place at Raipur. The toppers of one of the prestigious colleges had bunked the farewell, putting the college on high alert.

The Farewell Party That the Toppers Bunked
The Farewell Party That the Toppers Bunked

When asked about the toppers views they elatedly explain “All the times it’s the backbenchers who does the same and hence we decided to do this time. The motive behind this is to show everyone who think that we are just muggers and have nothing extracurricular in the pocket, that we are the big day players and dare to do something Toofani! (many also admitted to have drunk ThumsUp)”.

After knowing about the incident, college administration has called for an emergency meeting to cater for such a Toofani step. The spokesperson of the college tried to evade, but our brave journalist hold his collar and seek the explanation about the incident. At last, contradictory to the real fact, he commented, “As they are Toppers so college had decided to farewell them outside the college”.

Insiders says that the plan was very well supported by the juniors (toppers) also as many juniors had also not attended the farewell. On the other side those who have attended the farewell said, “Since the launch of IIN their (toppers) behavior has changed dramatically, so this incident cannot be looked in isolation with IIN .Who knows this may be an IIN style of farewell” they added.