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Top engineering colleges to introduce 'gaming electives' in their syllabus

02, Sep 2014 By vimal2306

In what could turn out to be the boldest decisions to be taken in the field of Indian education system, a few top notch engineering colleges have decided to introduce a Gaming elective to their syllabus. This has sparked a lot of debate among the student community, pseudo-intellectual-aunties-with-large-bindis and some samaj-ke-thekedaars.

Achhe din aa agye
Achhe din aa agye

The Vice Chancellor of Indian College of Engineering, in a press conference announced that taking into view the only thing engineering college students today are good at, it would be phenomenal if this talent could be capitalized on. Unlike other subjects, the Gaming elective will be part of the syllabus across all semesters. In the introductory phase the plan is to have three options to choose from : Counter Strike, FIFA, and Age of Empires and students have the flexibility to switch from one to the other in each semester.

This move has come as a welcome relief to most of the male student community who will finally have a subject they don’t have to study merely to get passing marks.

On the other hand, the entire female student community took to the streets to protest the move citing it as a “grossly sexist step”. It is not only the female community that is against the proposed move, the thick-glassed species known as the  Bookworms, vehemently protested the move and slammed the Education ministry for promoting an “unlevel playing field”.

A group of feminists held a meeting on Monday to discuss the move and came up with a tweak to the move. They suggested the inclusion of a few Drama series such as Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girls and 90210 into the above elective to make it more inclusive and give the girls a fighting chance. The board has said that this could be taken into consideration.

What will eventually transpire is yet to be seen, but the only clear losers in this whole game seem to be the Bookworm clan. This is what one of the bookworms who wished to remain unnamed, had to say. “Ham bachpan se khoob padhai kiye. Kabhi game-vame nahi khele. Kabhi ladkiyon waale serial nahi dekhe. Sirf ache number laane ki koshish kari. Ab ye log aisa khilvaad kar rahe hai. Ham to maano, ***tiye hi banke reh gaye.”