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Tomatoes commercially banned, turmoil in stock market

03, Aug 2014 By golu009

As the prices of tomatoes rows up to Rs 65 per kg and even Rs 80 in some of the cities, government has issued ban on commercial use of tomatoes .

As per reported by one of the key person in Home Ministry, strict ban has been imposed on use of tomatoes in restaurants, in ketchups, Lays (tomato flavor) or any other commercial item.

Fathu Halwai from Chandni Chowk told us that he is cooking all his gravies without tomatoes in them. Even in dishes like paneer butter masala and butter chicken where tomato is a key ingredient, flavors and edible colors are added to get the essence of tomatoes. Yesterday a huge dispute occurred in the restaurant when two people demanded for tomatoes in salad . Hotel Manager turned down their request which caused fray between them.

Many ketchup manufacturing companies are bound to use substitute for tomatoes like bottle gourd, pumpkin etc. Some of the manufactures reported using karela also, adding extra sugar and extra colors to give the feel of tomato ketchup.

Some of the people arrested at airports who were smuggling tomatoes from Spain. These people had visited the tomatina festival in Spain and were carrying squeezed and melted tomatoes with them. Even the crushed tomatoes like these have huge demand in India and people are willing to pay Rs45 to 50 kg for them.

Few days back even some of the celebrities spotted wearing ornaments made of tomatoes, as looming prices has made the accessibility beyond the reach of common man. Bappi Lahri was seen at one of the page 3 party, wearing all his ornaments made of tomatoes. Lahri told us tomato was making its place in fashion industry and if the price keeps on increasing with same pace , very soon it would be placed among Platinum and other precious metals and stones.

Lahri told us he had to hire 3 body guard s after getting this attire as he was feared that he might be attacked by the common people for tomatoes. Soon RBI is about to declare tomato as one of the trading currency like bitcoins as bitcoins are used as a substitute currency in some parts of the world. Now loans will be provided against tomatoes, in the same way as on gold and many new branches will be opened for this.

Malabar gold company has already announced, that it will open 200 branches across country. Malabar’s management is very excited about this, according to them there is very promising growth in investing in tomatoes and they believe in just few years tomatoes business will surpass their existing gold business. From last 3 days there has been big turmoil in stock market as investors are withdrawing their money and investing in tomatoes which seems to be a better promising investment . In coming days we can expect more investment in tomatoes.