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To solve Love Jihad issue, Indian govt introduces Uniform Marriage Act; renders all interfaith marrying people as irreligious

15, Sep 2014 By manithan

Delhi: The ruling BJP government has brought a new law called “Uniform Marriage Act, 2014” and it has been passed in both houses with astounding majority. Opposition parties like TMC and other parties like Congress staged a walkout, during the approval of the Act.

Speaking to the press, Law Ministry spokesperson said, “We are proud to introduce our new Law, Uniform Marriage Act (2014). As per our election manifesto, we are going to take all our religions into single fold and treat them as equals. Our Prime Minister envisioned a Uniform civil code, which is hard to implement in the current political climate. So, as a starter, we have planned to bring marriage into our ambit. We will try to solve religious problems related to marriage, like Love Jihad, in a single stroke by implementing the tenets of this law. This law is approved by majority and will be into force by October 2.” The Law ministry spokesperson left the meet, without answering any question and directed the journalists to first read about the law in Law ministry website.

An Outlook article titled “Is Modi’s Hindutva trying to suppress all religion?” examined the anatomy of the law.

Here is an excerpt, “..the major highlight of this uniform marriage act is that, it renders all people, who do interfaith marriage, irreligious. That is, if a Muslim boy falls in love with Hindu girl and decides to marry her, with this law in implementation, both of them will lose their religious status and become irreligious. Their kids and successive generation will then become irreligious. One might think that they can convert back to their respective religion, but the masterstroke here is, India does not recognize irreligious sector and hence, you cannot convert into any religion by law. A irreligious person will be noted as “Other” in census and official documents. “Others” never get any benefits or doles from the government and no more reservation. This is a serious breach of religious freedom. One should remember that a religion has right to convert people, but a person does not have the rights to criticize it. A person working for religion has more rights than person having ideas against it. That pearl of wisdom will now be lost. The false allegations of Love Jihad was better compared to this draconian law.”

Some free-will thoughts on Love Jihad by this Satanic Dinosaur
Some free-will thoughts on Love Jihad by this Satanic Dinosaur

United Nations, backed by United States, criticized the fascist marriage law and warned India of armed intervention to save its innocent religious lot. David Cameron said, “This is a big concern to our Developed nations, which had been instrumental in developing the developing nations with our religious ideology.”

A psychologist from AIIMS, expressed his sadness over this draconian law, “You will be believing on some God for ten years of your life, that too, only because your parents believe it, because their parents believed it and so on. Belief is inherited. Now, if you marry a person, who believed another God (who is enemy of this God), your Brain works in such a way that you start believing in that God, who happens to be an enemy of your pre-marital God. Before marriage and while in love, you still pray your God, but the next day after marriage, you pray an altogether different God. You start believing in person who was miles away from you, and centuries before you, yet won’t believe in scientific research. This change of religions after marriage is beneficial to your mental health, as you switch over fantasies. Even, research studies have proven that transferring a prisoner from one jail to another jail shows improvement in that person’s mental activities. “

Several MNC (Multi National Conversion) workers started doing dharna outside courts and police station stating that they will now lose their only source of income and government should have an allowable bandwidth of 100 interfaith marriages per year per municipal ward. One person, on condition of anonymity, said, “We have been set high goals for this year by our clients. One of our primary way of achieving those high targets was via interfaith marriage and now this fascist government has stricken a blow to our very living.”

Meanwhile, all religious leaders met in closed doors and agreed that they will amend their religious laws such that, one does not need to be converted to their religion for marriage to hold valid. “We give our word that nobody will be converted for the sake of marriage and so the government should consider dropping this evil act.”

An irreligious person tweeted, “All humans are irreligious by birth, then they lose their ways and become religious. We welcome them back. 2+2=5. #UMAct”