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To mock political parties, a family puts up a 50 feet hoarding to wish their pet dog a “very happy birthday”

03, Jul 2014 By sag1

Incensed by the stupidity and absolute mindlessness of political parties and their over enthusiastic supporters, the Deshpande family from Pune have done something unthinkable.  They have rented a huge 50 feet outdoor hoarding in front of their home to wish their dog, Bunty, a very happy birthday.

Talking to Faking news, Baba Deshpande, head of the Deshpande family said, “This is our way of telling these political parties that we don’t care a damn about their so called beloved leader/leaders turning 30/40/50 or even 100. What have we got to do with it . We are fed up of seeing life size photos of these ugly and obnoxious people day in day out on the hoarding in front of our house.”

An example.

Baba’s son Dada Deshpande, adds with disgust, “Everyday when I venture out of my house, the first thing that meets the eye is this hoarding and similar others across the city, adorned by some of the most ghastly looking people expressing their gratitude and love for some politician/s for some completely innocuous reasons.  The design and layout of these hoardings makes things even worse. One single hoarding has crammed mug shots of about 30-40 people, besides photos of the sponsor well wisher/s and the beneficiary of wishes hogging disproportionate space.  It looks ridiculous.”

Narrating a horrifying incident, Dada’s wife Radha said, “The other day, we got a complain from our 10 year old son’s school. His art teacher was very upset with him because of the greeting card he had designed for the school principal on teacher’s day. My son had cut out photographs of his close friends from his class photo and pasted those on artpaper with an absurd and dramatic message to the principal that read you are the Saraswati in our lives, o teacher bless us with your divine jives. It screamingly resembled a political party hoarding, crass, cheap and totally tasteless.  That’s the sort of influence these hoardings can have on little minds.”

“Their sense of creativity and design is seriously compromised’ said Dada’s mother Shakuntala Deshpande.  “Not that other hoardings especially those of apartment projects and realty add any value. They are equally ludicrous with weird taglines and weirder creatives,” she adds quickly.

The letter from his grandson’s school was the last straw for Baba Deshpande to take matters in his own hands. “I said to myself ‘enough is enough’.  I got to get back in a way that stings these political parties in equal measures.  It was going to be an eye for an eye. Hoarding for hoarding.”

“Originally I had thought that I would shock the political parties who had subjected us to torture by putting up a self sponsored hoarding with a photograph of my wife, Shankuntala and me on the occasion of our 50th wedding anniversary, But I realized that people would notice that I am squint and have hair coming out of my nostrils and ears, making me a butt of jokes like those politicians. So I took a step back and thought and thought till a brilliant idea struck me.  I was going to put the photo of Bunty my pet dog of 12 years on the hoarding with best wishes from all the stray and pet dogs in our vicinity on his 13th birthday.”  The message on the hoarding read – ‘your bark makes thieves fear in the dark.  Don’t you get set go before I say on your mark’. Happy birthday dear Bunty from Baba and Dada.”  “Don’t you think the political parties will notice the similarity between their hoarding and ours and realize?” asks Dada mockingly

It seems the Deshpande family’s action has not gone unnoticed. The last we heard was that someone on the east side of Pune has rented a huge hoarding to celebrate impregnation of their domestic cow.

What the bull….