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To get noticed, brand crazy youth embroiders “Jockey Inside” on his jeans

13, Jul 2014 By Golden Tooth

Ramesh (pronounced with a Silent “H”), 22, a hardware engineer created a buzz in his office when he wore a pair of jeans with “jockey inside” embroidered on it.  Just a few months back, Ramesh was a simple guy who focused on studies and never on his attire.

Source of inspiration.

Now with a good job in hand, Ramesh decided to build image in front of his officemates.  Talking to Faking News Ramesh said, “During my college days I never focused on outfits, so no girl would even come near me. My clothes were so retro that my college guard for the first few months would enquire about my I-card to ascertain if i am a student of an institute or a salesman trying to gain entry in college. Then I felt it’s imperative to be in good clothes: I bought branded shirts, branded jeans and branded shoes and changed myself completely.”

However, Ramesh’s apparent makeover didn’t do wonders to his popularity amongst girls.  Ramesh  said, “I was distraught and went to my  family guru ‘Normal Baba’, I told him my problem and how I bought branded clothes to attract girls but to no success. Baba immediately diagnosed my problem. He told me that a rich man’s richness is gauged by his ‘inner-beauty’; at first instance I thought he was talking about beauty of heart and soul. But he clarified it’s the inner-garments.  [At] That moment as if lightening struck me, I was wearing à la Shakti Kapoor‘s ‘Naadewala’ under wear. Normal Baba just said a simple sentence ‘buy branded chaddy to enhance your inner beauty’. ”

Ramesh bought the most expensive Jockey underwear. But he wanted to see quick results so that other should know his inner beauty viz. his expensive inner -garments.

In that, his experience in hardware came to a good use. He said “I have had observed that on computers using Intel microprocessors, ‘Intel side’ stickers are pasted on them. I just did the same.  I got my jeans embroidered with ‘Jockey Inside’ on it.  Next day i was the centre of attraction in my office. My boss who is a beautiful lady looked at me and said – ‘Tu toh bada toing hai ‘.”

Ramesh’s life since then changed a lot; he has been approached by many girls including the scantily dressed receptionist of the adjacent office. The story recently featured in a bimonthly magazine of Normal Baba as a just another success story of his holiness.