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To fight food inflation, RBI announces edible money

16, Dec 2013 By Deb D Barman

RBI shocked the world today with an unprecedented answer to India’s double digit food inflation problem. RBI governor announced the decision of printing edible currency in press conference today which has drawn fantastic appreciation across the board.

eat it
Bundle of joy.

When asked about the inspiration behind this novel decision, RBI governor explained, “In India investor money is eaten up by heartless inflation. We decided to eat the money ourselves before inflation does. This will bring balance in the economy and going forward people can’t complain saying that they don’t have anything to eat. Moreover when onion and vegetables prices are up, someone can abstain from entering the market.”

Displaying the new design of the edible money, governor claimed the edible money will be available in various flavors like onion, rice, wheat, pulses etc. to provide a complete and satisfying meal to everyone.

Finance ministry however is not happy with this solution as it will make the most anticipated food security bill completely toothless. Finance minister claims it is a conspiracy against Congress government and blamed saffron party for this.Few congressmen were observed nodding their head when finance minister concluded this.

Respected food minster has expressed mixed reaction about RBI decision as he explained – “I am happy that we will not be needing any storage and distribution infrastructure for our countrymen, however I am not sure how politicians like me with limitless wealth can digest such a huge amount of cash .”

When some beggars waiting outside five rupees eatery in New Delhi were given this news, they looked confused and demanded five rupees coin to be designed bigger in size, so that they can be fed with that.

As per information from global correspondents, other countries are considering to follow the RBI suit soon.