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To cater the huge shortage of IIT/IIM bridegrooms, govt to open 50 more IITs and IIMs

07, Jul 2014 By crazyfundu

Government has approved a scheme for setting up 50 new IITs and IIMs by passing an urgent bill in the Lok Sabha.

This decision was taken by PM Narendra Modi when an alarming report from an international agency revealed that 85% of the middle class families have to settle with something other than IIT/IIM bridegrooms because there are too few IITs and IIMs in the country.

Smriti Irani
Logo ke liye ache din aa rahe hain.”

This decision is important considering an incident had made it to the headline of every news channel and newspaper lately in which two families fought over a perspective IIT+IIM groom and 3 members from each of the families died in the quarrel involving AK-47 rifles.

Another incident which was the talk of town, when a girl, Dhairya Awasthi decided not to marry at all when she, having an IIT degree, failed to find a suitable IIT+IIM groom. Although she had got numerous proposals from her IIT classmates with various kinds of perks. Some even gave the offer of taking the responsibilities of husband, father, mother, cook, plumber, her assistant, baby sitter  etc simultaneously and she had to only marry him in return.

As per Dhairy, “I did like the commitment of some of my batch-mates proposing me and all the stuff they are ready to do it for me. I would have loved to carry forward one of the proposals but I am afraid it will upset the reputation of my family and relatives as a whole therefore I have decided against it.”

In his latest speech, the PM Narendra Modi said that it would be an important milestone for the betterment of aam aadmi of India. He said he was personally supervising the setting up of these institutes so that we could handle the nation wide demand of IIT/IIM bridegrooms. He also said that India is developing country and more than any other development, India needs better bridegrooms. Finally he concluded with the slogan – “ghar ghar IIT, ghar ghar IIM”.

Meanwhile, leaders across the country expressed their views on the matter.

Arvind Kejriwal is holding a dharna against this decision because according to his referendum India needs a 100% increase in seats of IAS/IPS too. There is huge demand for IAS/IPS guys too but Modi has ignored this and cheated the middle class. This act is by all means communal.

Digvijay Singh from INC said that this has been done under vote-bank politics to attract the middle class votes. He argued that the guy must have a talent to woo the suitable girl for him. Although he did not clarify whether he was pointing towards Robert Vadra or himself.