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Title of autobiographies written by Salman Khan, SRK, Siddhu, Arvind Kejriwal and others

12, Aug 2014 By Kishore

Soon to be released Indian Biographies & Autobiographies Fall of 2014

As the of Indian Biographies & Autobiographies Must Read Biographies & Autobiographies for Monsoon 2014,  by Good Reads’ List broke the record held by the Rowling’s Harry Potter Series here are the list of top ten tall tales which will hit the stands of Indian Bookshops this winter.

  1. Hum Sab Bhartiya Hain/ We all are Indians
  • Biography of Dina Nath Batra
  • Written by Wendy Doniger
  • Edited by Sekhar Bandyopadhyay
  • Published by Penguin India
  1. A Prudish Indian
  • Biography of Late Kushwant Singh
  • Written by Raghava Reddy
  • Edited by Amit Shah
  • Published by Vishva Hindu Parishad
  1. Insolently Still Saffron
    • Autobiography of Jaswant Singh
    • Edited by Vasundhara Raje
    • Published by Barmer Janta Publications (BJP)
  1. Nikha ke Adhoore Sapne/ Dreams of True love in Tinsel Town
    • Autobiography of Salman Khan
    • Edited by SRK & Amir Khan
    • Published by Stardust Publications & 3Khan Enterprise
  1. No longer Roshan
    • Autobiography of Suzane Khan
    • Edited by Karan Johar
    • Published by The Ex Wives’ Club (Bollywood Chapter)
  1. If I Went Off Air (Life would be Funnier)

    Sidhu reviewing his book

  • Autobiography by Navjyot Singh Sidhu
  • Edited by  Kapil Sharma
  • Published by Indian Humour Inc.
  1. The Face of Indian Beauty
  • Autobiography of Shahnaz Husain
  • Edited by Vandana Luthra
  • Published by Ayurveda India Association
  1. Ek Aur Kadam /Just One More Step (to be the richest entertainer in the world)
    • Autobiography of Shah Ruk Khan
    • Edited by Gauri Khan
    • Published by Forbes
  1. A Man Betrayed
    • Biography of Anna Hazare
    • Written by Madan Lal
    • Edited by Arvind Kejriwal
    • Published by Bhartia Jaan Publications (BJP)
  1. The Misunderstood Messiah
    • Autobiography of Arvind Kejriwal
    • Edited by Vinod Kumar Binny  & Kiran Bedi
    • Published by Aam Aadmi Publication House

Honourable Mentions

  1. What Now? / Ab Kya?
  • Biography of Arvind Kejriwal
  • Written by An Aam Aadmi
  • Edited & Published by Jyoti Publications
  1. An Anti-Social Experiment
    • Collection of Essays on The Revival of Mass Protests In India
    • Written by Various Professional Protestors
    • Edited & Published by Dharna Press
  1. The First Anthology of Indian Humour
    • Biography of Faking News
    • Collection of best satire, humour, sarcasm, imagination, alternative reality
    • Edited & Published Seriously Serious Publications

Too Early For An Biography?

  1. Of Priyanka & Pink Pants
    • Biography of Robert Vadra
    • Written by Anonymous
    • Edited by Priyanka Gandhi Vardha
    • Published by ConGress RSS Joint Venture