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Tired of paying excessive auto fares, MNC employee quits job

19, Oct 2014 By janaklotwala

Bengaluru: HR department of ThuggingIT was in a state of shock when one of its employees, Thakela Coder, gave resignation on grounds of higher auto expenses being incurred in the city.

Lethal machine.

Thakela, has been with the IT company for more than a decade now and has been analyzing the rates of autos in Bangalore since his joining from previous millennium.

“Since this was my first job, I was very excited about bringing a change in the society. The growth prospects seemed to be very good initially as my package raised by 20 %, while Auto fares continued to rise by 15 %”

He was even ready with series of presentation with random number, figures and barcharts on trend analysis for rates of autorickshaws in the city. His vast experience in confusing the client with meaningless statistics, random data and colorful slides helped his cause a lot.

Trouble started last year when his promotion was withheld (like every year) and auto fares  hit a record life time high from his residence to office costing him 1000 rupees.

He roughly calculated his monthly expense incurred on auto and compared it with his salary. “Forget about saving, I’ll have to borrow funds from my parents. Yesterday I felt nostalgic while doing it, it was just like my engineering days. I stammered a lot, while my dad hurled mouthful of abuses on me.”

HR department, like previous other issues in the past, to tackle this problem, first created a presentation filled with words like motivation, benefits, culture, work life etc.

“We are planning to carry out extra training sessions on negotiation skills for employee to hone their bargaining skills,” quoted the HR Head.

“ThuggingIT will also bring in, first of it’s kind scheme called ‘BYOA’, Buy your own Auto, whereby we would provide financial assistance to all employees in purchasing richshaw. They can ride it to the office daily, as well as get passenger on board and earn few extra rupees over an above their CTC. However they will fall under taxable component.”

Meanwhile, auto drivers are seeing this move as threat to their existing “Auto”cracy and planning to boycott all employees wearing ID-cards of ThuggingIT.

“I am tired of this city and plan to settle in Himalayas, where there are no autos,” were the last words of Thakela as he was leaving the city. He ultimately had to call auto for travel to the airport and hoped to enjoy his last auto ride.