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Tired of hearing "only for families" from house owners, man decides to get married

04, Nov 2014 By swaathee

Hyderabad. Rajesh, an IT engineer and three of his friends has been trying to rent a new house for a few months when they suddenly decided to get married after being rejected from multiple prospective house owners.

Rajesh finally in peace.

Most of the residences in main areas near the Hitech city have a “Only for families” philosophy, that prevents house owners from renting their property to bachelors or spinsters. Rajesh and his friends have seen over thousand houses for rent in the last few months when they decided that it was time to put an end to this.

Speaking to faking news, Rajesh said “Man, all my life I have been thinking that getting the perfect life partner would be really hard. But, after hunting houses for rent I realized that it is easier to get a life partner than to search for house for bachelors. I found my partner in the fifteenth attempt unlike my house hunting process which took me a thousand” says Rajesh a happily engaged young man.

While, it may sound like blasphemy – most of the “bachelorettes” (in degree and in marital status) have agreed with Rajesh’s decision. “It is so tough to find a residence that lets bachelors to rent apartments –The ones that does, have heavy competition making it go out of budget” says another engineer who has also been in the house hunting race for over 3 months.

Parents, on the other hand are quite happy with the way things are going. Even those conservative parents who were scared to send their kids to “big cities” because they would get spoilt, are now forcing their kids to move out with the hopes that they would decide to get married soon.

Meanwhile, bachelorettes are hoping that residences will come up with “only for bachelors” rule.