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TiproTech bans use of "alt+tab" for employees

15, Sep 2014 By rohitvyawahare

Bangalore. In a cheeky attempt to induce discipline in the employees, tech giant TiproTech has come up with an astonishing idea to ban use of ‘alt-tab’ keys when managers passes by their subordinates’ cubicles. Highly complex software is said to have been used for this implementation.

“You think you are smart?”

Rakesh, newly joined software engineer with the company, was one of the first victims of this trap. He said, “I was caught completely unaware. Sticking to my daily routine I logged into the Facebook and started stalking profiles of hot girls from my college and as soon as I heard tapping of stilettos of my manager, I pressed ‘alt-tab’ which was suppose to switch to the code I was working on but to my surprise the keys were not working. She passed beside me giving a vicious smile. I felt completely embarrassed after this and since then haven’t logged into Facebook even at home.”

Another employee, Rita recalling her appalling experience said, “I was browsing through the Sareekart website, comparing the sarees on both the monitors in my cubicle as usual. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye, I saw my manager rushing towards my direction, I quickly pressed alt-tab to switch to the excel sheet only to realize that the keys were not working. My manager gave me wicked smile when he reached at my desk. I am really worried what will happen now. That was the only day when I did not place any online order from office.”

HR manager Ravichandran Chinnaswamy justified the decision taken by the company. “We were wondering what was hampering the growth of our company. But one day while watching CID during office hours, there was this Eureka moment when I thought of implementing this idea. Productivity of each employee seems to have increased dramatically.”

While employees are very cautious of the sound of footsteps now, an insider from HR department disclosed that company is thinking of mandating the zero-noise footwear for all the managers by next quarter.