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Tihar jail inmates embarrassed by Delhi bank van robbers. Claim they have a better legacy.

03, Oct 2012 By progs

In a recent case in South Delhi, a bank van carrying five crores was looted in broad day light. The plan was reportedly hatched in Tihar jail by two brothers Deepak Sharma and Hari Kishan Sharma, and their fellow inmate Bablu Ghogha. While Deepak Sharma has been nabbed recently, the other two are still absconding. The two brothers have been in Tihar jail twice for two murders and were released sometime back.

Our representative tried to elicit a few comments from the Tihar jail community on the recent act by their ex-inmates. The PEST (Present and Ex Inmates Society of Tihar) spokesperson Munna Tiwary told us that the Sharma brothers are like family to most of the inmates. They are glad that the two have again managed to come back to the hallowed corridors of the Tihar. “You know it’s a very coveted place, we get very good peer learning, the best food, the best security and most importantly a very good opportunity to network. It provides us a platform to brainstorm on our future projects”.

Although Mr. Tiwary pretended to be happy about the home-coming of his friends, he seemed to be slightly bitter and constipated at some level. On further probing Mr. Tiwary told us that the PEST members are not happy with the disgrace Sharma brothers have brought to the brand name of Tihar.

We quote – “Only 5 crores! That is a shame. We are very embarrassed by the meager amount of money they managed to steal. Tihar has far noteworthy alumni and current inmates such as Shri A.Raja, Shri S. Kalmadi, Smt. Kanimojhi etc. who have stolen thousands of crores of public money. You see, we value acts that can be published in good journals. This robbery will only be published in Times of India and your faking news. It’s not big and ‘serious’ enough to make headlines in The Hindu.”

According to Mr. Tiwary, though Sharma brothers have brought disgrace to Tihar, he is hopeful that soon Tihar will find its glory back. The inmates of Tihar are eagerly waiting for their most sought after incoming batch – the geniuses behind Coalgate – The mother of all scams. “1 lakh crore!! That is something that can be written down in golden letters in the annals of Tihar. But alas, the bigger the scam the shorter would be their stay in Tihar. But we would be happy even if we can catch a glimpse of our idols.”

Although there are lot of people on the list of Coalgate scam, Mr. Tiwary really wishes that Mr. Naveen Jindal makes the final cut. “He will suit the recent trend of youth icons bringing glory to Tihar”  he said. Intrigued by Mr. Tiwary’s huge insistence on making it big, our reporter inquired about his own past achievements, to which Mr. Tiwary got highly agitated and replied – “Why do you think I am the spokesperson and not the chairman?”

Meanwhile, the Hollywood style robbery is drawing attention from Bollywood. Sources reveal that Mr. Anurag Basu is planning to make a movie on it before any Hollywood director does, so that he is not accused of copying. Although, in order to make the movie more artistic he is planning to take “inspiration” from movies such as Oceans series and Insideman. At the same time Mr. Ram Gopal Verma has declared that he would make a movie on this robbery named “RGV ki loot”. Though some sources reveal that an NGO, which engages in the rehabilitation of people who are still suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after watching RGV ki Aag years back, is planning to file a PIL to stop RGV from making this movie.

On another front – Delhi Police officials, who were busy listening to Green Day’s “Wake me up when September ends” after a splurge of crimes in the capital last month, are happy that they have something to show for the month end. During a photo-shoot, officers were seen jostling to pose with Rupees 1.5 crore recovered from Deepak Sharma. “Because of the size of these officers it was too difficult to fit more than one in a single frame”, our hapless photographer commented.

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