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Ticket examiner suspended for not allowing man to seat on train's roof

21, Jun 2016 By avinashbhati

Patna. Big news is coming from Bihar where a man named Matroo traveling on local train roof was asked by the TTE to come inside the train as there were sufficient seats available in train. In response to TTE request, the man allegedly attacked the TTE for showing such a care towards Bihari passengers and valuing human life. Matroo is still uttering same words from last 28 hours- Train, TTE, Rules-Ab Bihar ka kya hoga!

Matroo got unconscious as soon as he got a seat in local train
Matroo got unconscious as soon as he got a seat in local train

Our reporter, Gunggrale Naagar had a word with Matroo. He said, “For a second I thought that I am traveling in some other country when such a respect was given to me. But soon I realized that am still in Bihar when railway police asked for a Bidi in exchange of my release”.

Meanwhile the political parties jumped into a war of allegations against Suresh Bhagwan Jesus Allah for not having arrangements of seats on train roof top. Khaas Aadmis in Aam Aadmi Party said, “It is the fundamental right of every citizen of Bihar to travel on roof of train and their right cannot be taken by any government and proper steps must be taken for providing facilities to these passengers”. Khichdiwaal even invites Bihar residents to come and seat on metro trains in Delhi. Babul Gandhi said that Mr. Matroo was helping nation by not using air conditioner and thus saving electricity, no congressmen dared to correct him that there are no air conditioner in local passenger train.

Government has set up investigation committee against TTE. According to initial reports, TT has got the post on original documents without giving any bribe. Bihar government suspend him immediately to maintain the law and order in state.