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This summer run away Panditjis replace run away brides

18, May 2015 By khakshar

Patna, Bihar. A new term “Marriage in Progress” is doing rounds in Bihar. It has affected more families than the latest earthquake tremor on 16th May. It seems to have brought back the memories of the long lost “Gauna” system. In not that ancient past, Gauna took place several years after marriage. Before the ceremony the bride stayed at her parental home.

Picture of a Bride just after the Mild Tremor on 16th
Picture of a Bride just after the Mild Tremor on 16thBihar

During the last tremor on 16th many marriages could not be solemnized as people including groom, bridegroom and Panditji ran away from the Mandap to open space. In Patna father of a groom was furious. He told that while all the guests ran away out of the marriage hall, the bride and the fool hardy bride groom kept sitting while the Panditji ran away from the marriage hall. He went to the extent of accusing Panditji of deliberately running away from the Mandap. He accused that the priest knew very well that the next Mahurat (auspicious day for solemnizing marriages) is in November, six months away from now. He said that when his son was brave enough, how the priest could shy away. It was later learnt that all attempts of the groom to run away on pretext of tremor was foiled by the bride who had both her arms garlanded on groom’s neck.

We met another groom whose marriage was affected by nature’s fury. The beaming groom seemed happy at the hope of six more months of bachelorhood though he was worried over his impending mobile bills. This “Marriage in Progress” seems to have come as a boon to many “Diljale Aashique”, who see it as Panditji sending chance of making amends.

Panditji Union in Bihar is meanwhile has advised for the renewal of the “Gauna System” so that the reduction in business can be negated.