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There was no pressure and we had publicity – Indian tennis team on Olympics

16, Sep 2012 By thenali

“There was no pressure on us to win a medal and we had enough publicity “says the Indian tennis team that represented Olympics

Mahesh bhupathi and Bopanna not pairing with Paes has been hitting the newspapers constantly during the team selection for Olympics and was amidst controversy on the team dynamics of the Indian team representing the Olympics have claimed that there was no pressure on them to win the medal as they received enough publicity and it seemed unnecessary to occupy the headlines once again.

“ It would not have been fair on our part if we had posed again for the papers with those medals , India do have other sports and I think we shall provide a fair chance for other athletes and hence we did not steal the lime light “ Said Bupathy after returning from Olympics.

“ It’s a double bonanza , Our people did not know that there exist places in North east to our country , Now that we know that it is part of our country and there are also people living in those states and they are talented “ complimented Bopanna backing his partner . The common man in India who once in 4 years identifies that the country also has games other than Cricket was too excited to see India being listed in the medal tally. “ I was excited when I saw India won its first medal and got listed ,then I got back to doing my work , We got our name in the tally , so it dint bother me whether we participate in any other event anymore , We have done our part for this Olympics “ said the enthusiastic common man.

The sports ministry being inspired by the all-time highest in the number of medals for the country had the following to say “Our sportsmen have outperformed our expectation, though we have accomplished so much, there is a gargantuan task ahead of us by next Olympics, to put India in medal tally once again”

When our reporter asked Ajay Maken, the sports minister of India whether India would challenge China by 2016; he responded that it is the responsibility of the external affairs and defence ministry on those issues.