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Theorist on Indian political scene may get Nobel or Padma Shri

10, Feb 2014 By praprapra

A psychoanalyst from the school of Frued and Jung, has propounded a new theory.  Dr Dolittle ( not from the famous movie) has been a keen observer of Indian political scene for more than 50 years. He never published any paper till now, as he was engrossed in this sole work.

The paper is called ‘ Relationship between diminishing marginal leadership qualities and sycophancy among sidecicks’ and required all his life time as it began just after India’s Independance.

When we called on phone, this aging analyst who lives in Texas, USA and asked why so late? He was candid. “ I was not sure. In Nehru’s time there was very little evidence of it. I mean sycophany among sidekicks not about leadership qualities. He was a towering figure and I dont think he even thought that there were any sidekicks or sycophants. Not that some tried to be so, but it was found to be utterly useless and then they had to get into more useless task of nation building.”

When we prodded further, he accepted that though Indira was a good leader with few negative qualities, sycpohany took big strides in her era. Though the foolish people of so called syndicate, tried to fight this boon called Chamacha giri ( he propnounced it in chaste Hindi), the overall growth of this boon, in her era was great.

“When you actually thought of this theory?”

“Off course Rajiv’s era. He was excellent pilot I think and so did everyone in his mother’s party. And all the great propnents of my theory ( it was not theory yet) came with this great idea of a pilot to fly the country in modern age!” And his blunders like IPKF etc proved that rising sycophancy was in directly proportioal to diminishing marginal leadership qualities.

“There was a blip in, the so called JD govt time. ( We noticed he was not calling that era or age, just time). No one was ready to be nice little chamcha. All thought themselves as leaders. As opposed VP’s time, PV’s time gave me litle hope that all was not lost with India.”

“ And then the Sonia age…” The good doctor was geting misty eyed like a doting father who sees his off spring proving him right with success in his/her work. “The great boom in sycophancy was in no way lagging behind, to the utter naivity and lack of ideas from Sonia as a leader. Except one master stroke, where she put that poor economist in PM’s chair ……”

“ You mean Dr. Manmohan….”

“ I was so engrossed in my study that all these bit players need not be remembered you know!” He was so candid. “ You see, she put that economist in PMO and allowed all the great spoons to sing paens for all little populists stupidites from her family forced from moral high chair and blame resulting economis stagnation on…. you know?” He winked we think…. we dont have video calling that great in India despite all visions from the latest ‘leader’, so we were talking on good old landline!

“ and finally, the current state of affairs, proves that my theory is so sound….. that… that….” Dr Dolittle was actually gushing. “ After that famous interview with that anti sycophant Goswami i am waiting for a call from Nobel prize committee. He doesnt have even his mother’s cunningness and hell bent on taking the mantle of a leader which he can never be!”

“ What an ordinary set of ideas and what a level of Chamacha giri and increase in number of sidecicks… as if the destiny is working for me!” “ When you really propound something, whole of the congress party conspires to make it work”… he was sounding like Paul C!

We had to disconnect as the old doctor was nearly crying in gratitude to India. We are sure if not Nobel he might be getting some Padma award …. depending on the election results!