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Theatres strike in Tamil Nadu: Citizens rejoice

01, Jul 2017 By MrIndia

Chennai: Tamil Nadu threatre association has declared an indefinite strike from July 3rd. They have opposed the new corporation tax of 30% on ticket price.

Association President Ramanthan said “This comes on top of 28% GST, 30% political bribe, making a total of 88%. Further, the government has limited the maximum ticket price. This is destroying our business. Already our threatres are running at only 21% capacity because of lousy movies.”

The strike found a support from Rajini fan club. Club President Muthu said “We demand the corporation pay 30% gift to theatres showing Rajini movies”.

Protesting statewide
Protesting statewide

However, there were groups that supported the corporation tax. TV Producers Association President Mrs. Gundamma said, “All threatres should be permanently closed. That way we can get more morons to watch our stupid TV serials where all actresses cry nonstop.”

Film producers Association opposed the tax and declared their own strike. Association Secretary Hafeez Khan said “henceforth we will release all Tamil movies in Karnataka. After all, half of Karnataka is now filled with Tamilians, thanks to Cauvery water blockade by dumb Kannadigas”.

College students council chairman Arulraj said, “Tamil movie heroines are beautiful as long as they keep their mouth shut.”

Movie addict Ponraj, “Hero Vijay was beating AIADMK ministers in movies. From now on he will beat up the greedy corporators”.

Geek Govinda laughed at this strike, “The movies were hopeless anyway. We can’t even figure out a kung-fu fight from a tamil movie dance.”

Chief Minister Edapadi said, “The tax order came from our beloved jailed criminal Chinnama Sasikala. The goverment has no powers before her. We can’t do anything about it. If we oppose her she will release criminal evidences against us.”

DMK leader Stalin went on the offensive, “I was the mayor of the corporation when it went bankrupt. How dare they try to recover without my permission?”

Central Tax minister Arun Jaitley supported the corporation. He said, “Tax of any type is good! Can’t leave a paisa saving on the hands of useful idiots citizens!”

PM Modi went further “I will solve this problem by visiting America again next week! The hug and backrub from Trump felt good!”