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The new way to fight corruption and black money is karma money: Kejriwal

16, Feb 2014 By bumblebee

New Delhi. There are two key problems that Arvind Kejriwal is fighting today. One is the passing of the Jan Lokpal bill and the other is how to keep promises he made to the people of India. Also add stopping rampant corruption to this list of growing problems for the AAP.


Arvind Kejriwal today announced that he has the right solution to all the problems the country is facing. He calls this Karma Money.

“This is a priceless solution and will replace the Rupee indefinitely”, beamed the party spokesperson from the carrier on top of Arvind Kejriwal’s now famous blue Wagon R.

He also added further that “The name is quite apt, considering we are a nation that believes in Karma and Good Money but we never really do anything about making any.”

By eliminating the Rupee, the party hopes to fight all those people who have stashed crores of rupees on invisible islands, snow-clad mountain tops and in other people’s first, middle and last names.

All that money is about to become unusable when Karma Money hits the scene. It will be the end of the road for everything bad and the corrupt people in the country. When there is no corruption there is no need of a Jan Lokpal bill.

“But how will we pay for things?” asked our concerned reporter. “We will pay with random acts of kindness. Think of it like a Karmic Barter system. However there will be no coins or paper we will pay with a tweet,” replied the Delhi CM.

AAP party workers added “India is a land of Good Karma and we are going to replace the Rupee with Karma Money, good Karma will then come back to the country. By introducing Karma Money all the black money that people have today will have to be burnt because nobody will accept it any more. Only people who have white money will be able to go to the bank and get it changed with Karma Money.

One Karma Money will be equal to one Indian Rupee. Since all the foreign currency today cannot be converted into Karma Money (today only INR exchange rates exist) all the money stashed in black money havens of Switzerland, Mauritius etc will also become useless.

How will Karma Money roll out and become mass? Mr. Kejriwal is in talks with party workers and has instructed them to start doing good deeds and opening Twitter accounts for all the people in their constituencies. There is also a Dharna next week where you have to arrive sporting t-shirts with a big KM and write your Twitter handle at the back with a black sketch pen.

The usual suspects have all been taken by a surprise. Inside sources say they are stumped and want to see how they can convert all the black money they have into Karma Money. Experts call this a master stroke, “Not only does Kejriwal a have a solution, but this also ensures that AAP will now win the national elections”, said a National Advisor.

At the time of going to the press we also checked with RaGa on his views about Karma Money, he says “the question is not whether Karma Money will work or not, the question is to understand who is RaGa, Raga wants to empower the youth and women of the country.”

Arnab Da has gone into depression thinking why he didn’t have the breaking news now and faking news seem to have got it. He has sent resigned from the news channel and has decided to join our team.

Karma money has taken the world by storm, even Alok nath, one of the original supporters of the idea has congratulated Kejriwal “Bringing karma into money completely resonates with his idea of Good Sanskar. More than that linking good karma to money, good can only come if people have good Sanskar”, said an elated Alok Nath.

Thousands have thronged to Alok Nath’s residence in Malad, Mumbai and declared him the “Thought leader of the century.” Alok Nath has also started a Sanskar and Karma 365 day course which millions have registered for and will pay for with a tweet.

Arvind Kejriwal now needs your support to make Karma money possible. He says start recording the good karma you do everyday and he will start an online site where you can start recording it.

Looks like Karma money will change everything.