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The ‘missing’ buffaloes recount their side of story

05, Feb 2014 By moga

After a short but all-out hunt by the UP police, the missing buffaloes of Samajwadi party leader Azam Khan have been found.

There is a very pumped up atmosphere at the party headquarters and they are already planning to hold one more Saifai-type celebration for the People of their state. The action against 3 sloth officials will be soon taken and an enquiry has been ordered to probe into why it took them 24 hours to find the 7 buffaloes.

While everyone party member is congratulating Mr. Azam Khan, no one is paying any heed to the buffaloes. So this Faking News reporter talked to those buffaloes and tried to know how they were feeling?

The leader of this pack is Mayadevi, a sturdy 12-years old buffalo. She seemed quite unhappy being back to the shed and avoided answering the questions. But on further insistence, revealed that they didn’t go ‘missing’ but they had actually absconded. The reporter was obviously shocked at the revelation as to why would they do that when their master loves them so much, even more that the ‘human beings’ of his state.

Mayadevi explained that she wanted to break free from the ‘chains’ of her master. And she felt particularly empowered after watching those Rahul Gandhi ads. She felt that her entire community was being neglected and her masters were ‘milking’ them for so long for their political gains.

She suspected that her race had to endure all this just because they are of black color. That is why they planned to escape – to end this racial discrimination. But she was heartbroken as her freedom was short lived. She is finding it hard to believe that UP police caught them in less than a day when the same take years to catch an obvious criminal. Apparently, there are disadvantages too of being connected to a royal family. Poor Mayadevi.