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The kiss miss kiss enigma

05, Nov 2014 By mathai

kiss the miss or miss the kiss ? a difficult choice. if you are at marine drive on the evening of nov 2nd. never mind whether you are in front on the stage or at the back among the audience. or in front of the t v in your drawing room. it is time to take the call and cast your vote. NOTA excluded.

kiss and her cousins were private property so far. hidden behind closed lips. held close to the heart by arms crossed shoulder to shoulder. away from prying eyes and clicking cameras, except, may be, the hidden webcams.

not any more. kiss is now in the public hotels.on face book. and now in a sponsored programme. at the marine drive ernakulam in the evening on sunday the 2nd of november 2014. for all to see and judge. and all of us are invited by default.

the current wave took roll when moral police vandalised a coffee shop in kozhikode. for allowing consenting adults to give and take a few kisses while people watched sipping coffee. self appointed morality enforcers felt the country should have a moral code. which should be imposed by any means including violent interventions.

coffee enthusiasts took offense. how come a coffee den is pulled down this easily.intellectuals took up the issue. what will happen to tea shops and beer parlours tomorrow ? the common man got involved. they wondered if it is the first lesson of an intensive course on fascism.

and the campaign went viral. face book groups decided to defy the morality mughals . with a hundred kisses in the open. at marine drive. rest assured that none can pull down the marine drive that easily.

decency fanatics are not keeping quiet . hell bent on clearing this land of all indecencies real or imagined, they are planning counter offensive. the stage is set.

and you and me have to take sides and make choices. kiss the miss or miss the kiss . not an easy task. but i have made up my mind becoz i got wind of the real issue.

the crux of the problem is not the urge for indecent exposure but the inability to control the craze to look for it. which is an indication of our stunted mental development.

so i am for your freedom to kiss and show public display of affection wherever and whenever as long as i have my freedom to look sideways and ignore the show.

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