Friday, 23rd March, 2018

The Approval of UGC is rejected by IIPM

21, Feb 2013 By smartovi

New Delhi. Arindam Choudhary started his own board of accreditation and it is necessary to all school, colleges and university to accredit by IIPM. If any Educational institution doesn’t take accreditation from IIPM is considered as fake institution and they cannot give degree to their students. There are several standard make by IIPM which all institutions have to follow before taking accreditation.

1. Foreign tour should be provided to all students in each semester. 2. It is compulsory to provide laptop, desktop, iphone, ipad, etc., should be provided to all student for free of cost for raising the education level. 3. Free 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Wi-max and Broadband connection to all the students. 4. Its compulsory to all the student of the institutions have pony tail before the degree is awarded. 5. Last and the most important the tag line of their educational institution should be “don’t dare to think beyond IIPM”.

When UGC apply for taking accreditation from IIPM, for giving further accreditation to their central Universities their application is rejected by IIPM for not complying with their standard. AICTE and CBSE are put under observation and All IIM is put under the category of faking Institutions as they are using the name of IIPM in their name. The UGC is consulting with their legal adviser for suing IIPM as they are giving accreditation on partiality basis.

In an exclusive interview giving by Arindam choudhary to faking news tell that the Oxford and other foreign Education Institutions wants accreditation with IIPM but they are only focusing on India Education Institutions.