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Thanks to one hour of heavy rain, the Bangalore city becomes signal free and converts itself into a big parking lot

24, Apr 2015 By dasu

Bangalore: Banudas working as a senior manager in a reputed IT company has good experience in booking cabs. On April 23rd evening he was busy in a meeting, before he could book a cab he started getting multiple calls directly from cab drivers asking him whether he is looking for a cab.

Most of the tech savvy cab companies have tracked his pattern of cab booking, if there is heavy rain within half an hour he will look for a cab. There were ten odd drivers from different cab booking companies who were struck in front of his office and each of them tried to reach him.

Traffic Jam near Banudas' Ofiice
Traffic Jam near Banudas’ Ofiice

One of the drivers told Banudas, “sir, please do not be upset if I am disturbing you. You have used my cab multiple times while going back home. I am struck in the traffic jam in front of your office for last thirty minutes. In case your meeting takes one more hour, no problem, I will be maximum 100 yards away from your office. I hope you could cover that 100 yards by walk else book an auto in case you are feeling tired which can move in any jam”.

Driver called after few minutes to say, “You will be happy to know that the full city is signal free as the traffic jam stretches up to 20 km in every direction. You will not need an auto to reach me. Looking at the situation, I can assure you in a day or two you will be able to reach home as soon as people start adjusting their vehicles in this big parking lot. Do not worry I have sufficient snacks to cover three days for both of us”.

Traffic commissioner who is sensible like Rahul Gandhi have allowed the traffic policemen to take the evening off and enjoy the clash of IPL minnows Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Daredevils. Traffic commissioner was more than confident, the city public will get back it’s animal spirit and fight on it’s own to solve the mess the rain has created.

The traffic jam has come as a blessing in disguise for many techies who have cars, but no parking lot. For a change full city is available for parking as hardly anyone will be able to move in any direction.

One of the techies, Balaji who was parking his brand new car inside a mall due to lack of parking space in his apartment started counting the savings he will have if the same situation persist for a week.

Balaji told our faking news reporter “No fear of theft, no need of burning fuel, free parking, just leave it where you are and go back home to enjoy the IPL match or watch a movie in a nearby theatre. As I have high BP problem, the compulsion of walking will help in reducing my BP. All my problems gets solved because of this one hour of heavy rain. I love this city the most because of these kind of unseasonal rains”.