Friday, 23rd March, 2018

Thank You Sachin

12, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

#ThankYouSachin For inspiration me to invent the Zero loss theory ( 10 and 100 ) ~ Sibbal

#ThankYouSachin For diverting people attention from the rally of modi ~ Digvijay

#ThankYouSachin For showing Babaji ka thullu ( To the bowlers ) ~ Kapil

#ThankYouSachin For ending the scenario of jokes on my name ~ Rajnikant , Jadeja , ACP pradhyuman

#ThankYouSachin For inspiring me to come back to india ~ leone

#ThankYouSachin For Giving life time employnement to us ~ Harsha , shahtri with other commentators

#ThankYouSachin For the giving chance to do banking business without licence since 24 years ~ BCCI

#ThankYouSachin For showing me way to write historical dialogue of Hollywood “Anjali tum nahi samjogi “ ~ Karan

#ThankYouSachin For giving the the idea to crate Zoo Zoo ( 100 100 ) ~ Vodaphone

#ThankYouSachin For giving me moral and mental security ~ Adavani

#ThankYouSachin For giving batter open of IPO to us through #ThankYouSachin ~ Dick Costolo

#ThankYouSachin For redefining the meaning of retirement age in cricket, it also helps to increase the level of the same in politics ~ prakash badal , karunannidhi

#ThankYouSachin You are the simple and unique reason for the us to simple explain the reasons for the failure of movie ~ Bollywood actors

#ThankYouSachin For decreasing traffic to me and keeping the higher standard of my image on earth ~ God