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Terrorist Usman applies for anticipatory mercy plea to President

07, Aug 2015 By MRP

Usman explaining his strategy to the media

New Delhi: The trial of the arrested terrorist Usman has begun on expected lines. Pakistan has already denied its involvement in the issue and has said Usman is not from Pakistan. Meanwhile, on the Indian side, famous advocates like Jest Malani are making a beeline to take up the case of Usman to provide him justice.

Usman too seems to have done his homework well. He has already applied for an anticipatory mercy plea from the Indian President, just in case he is proved guilty and is sentence to death, even if it happens many decades later. And the advocate to help Usman in his appeal in the Supreme Court against a possible death penalty is another famous advocate Perfect Bhushan, whose is reportedly on the job already.

A media reporter who got a chance to talk to Usman asked him why he has applied for an anticipatory mercy plea when he has just been arrested and has to undergo trial. A clever Usman said, “This is so that the mercy petition will be very old by the time I am sentenced and I will get the help of human rights activists in India who will argue that the petition is pending for a long time and so Usman has to be spared. Who knows I might even get released from jail and can go back to Pakistan.”