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Terrorist group that carried out Manipur Ambush was formed to avenge recent Church attacks: Expert

13, Jun 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: An Expert on Terrorism and other unrelated affairs, Aaron George, has revealed a shocking info that NSCN-K which was in news recently for Manipur ambush, was actually formed to avenge the recent Church attacks.

Few days back, National Socialist Council of Nagaland – Khaplang (NSCN-K) conducted a gruesome ambush on Indian Armed forces which led to many of our soldiers being martyred. As a revenge attack, Indian Army launched a surgical strike destroying few NSCN camps. Now, with the strike being analysed by Investigative journalists from their AC rooms, we met our Expert on Terrorism, Aaron George.

Image kept just to occupy space
Image kept just to occupy space

Aaron started with an explanation on how Hindutva organisations sow seeds for global terrorism, “Every terrorists groups surrounding India was formed because of the persecution of minorities by Hindutva elements. We all know that Taliban, Al Qaeda, Indian Mujahideen, ISIS were formed because of Beef ban by Hindu government. Now, even the peace loving Christians have been forced to take arms because of RSS & BJP. NSCN-K was formed to avenge the recent Church attacks.”

When we informed him that NSCN-K was formed in 1988 and Church attacks he had mentioned happened in 2014-15, he retorted, “That is why you should not read half-retarded books written by Sanghis. NSCN-K was formed only last month. BJP funded media and historians are trying to fool you by placing their origins to a random year in the past, that is, 1988. Every terrorist group was started to avenge persecution of minorities in India and if we say it, you have to accept it. The persecuted Indian Christians have no other go and that is why they had to take up fighting to get a ‘Nagaland for Christ’. Christ is being denied a Kingdom in India by infidels, so this group had to struggle to get Him a Kingdom in Nagaland.”

Finally, when we told him that the recent Church attacks were not done by Hindutva groups, but by thieves, vandals and other minorities, he angrily shouted back, “RSS themselves had accepted that everyone in Indian subcontinent have Hindu origins and are Hindus. So, all those people who attacked the Church are Hindus and hence, Hindutva groups are indeed persecuting minorities. Modi was unable to answer on the Church attacks for weeks, but gave orders to purge Christian fighters within 2 days. United Nations must intervene.”