Wednesday, 21st February, 2018

Terror Organizations Hiring More Juveniles Hoping to Get Away

28, Jan 2013 By Sandeep Singh

Delhi : The Indian Faking Intelligence (IFI) got a mail from an Untitled email id saying “The Terror Organizations are a  keeping tab on the the current situations of administration in India. The masterminds have now decided to hire more Juveniles to carry out the future operation in India”.

The motivation behind this whole new hiring criteria is how the “Damini” Rape Case accused is handled by the Law. The “Juvenile”  raped her twice, even after she fell unconscious. Despite this heinous crime against his name  he might get away with pittance as punishment.

A video-tape is also being uploaded, “It is nice for us, We can capitalize on the Juvenile Justice Law. I have hired couple of 23 Year old guys and made a school certificate showing their age as 16. Bingo!”

Crime has increased following the awareness about the Juvenile Laws of India.  Robbery, Rapes, Murder and many more evil deeds have been performed by the so called Juveniles.

Hafiz Saeed tweeted, “They should have proved Kasab a Juvenile. Baki Aish to Bhot Kari Bacche Ne Jab Tak Raha

The Youth has once again decided to go and protest before the Rashtrapati Bhavan for a quick justice.

The President said he has assessed the situation well, he will take right and quick measures to ensure satisfaction. The statement however gave a sigh of relief to the nation but then he added, “We have called couple of Buses with Water Cannons and a fresh lot of Tear Gas Bombs too,” taking things back to square one.

Meanwhile, there are again some Black DPs on Facebook and tons of Online Petitions being signed for the cause.

Faking News urges the concerned authorities to change the laws a bit and serve justice for Damini as soon as possible.

*Sorry if it is against anyone’s Sentiments . We Just Want Justice*