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Television viewers bored of old scams demand some new and interesting scams.

07, Jul 2012 By thenali

With the news in media recently restricted to scams of Adarsh, Coal mining and 2G, Television viewers have demanded that there better be some new and interesting scams. If the media don’t report any such new interesting scams soon viewers have threatened to boycott the news channels and would go back to watching family drama and soap operas.

All time TV viewer association of India (AITVAI) has conveyed the information to all the media houses. Our fake news expert journalist got hold of the president of AITVAI Mr.Saikiran.

“Who are we kidding, India is the largest democracy in the world and hell we make largest scams in the world, and we couch potatoes demand that there be variety and just not beat around the bush with just few scams unearthed, We know it’s in there but they just don’t give it out,” said fuming sai kiran while talking exclusively to our reporter.

Saikiran seemed pretty stressed up at the fact that all scams have similar story line and there does not seem to be any variety.

“Government proposes a plan, the politician involved in the proposal uses his influence and stash some money along with his friends, somebody files RTI and finds the info , CBI does the enquiry ,politician comes out in bail claiming his innocence. Sounds like storyline of a bollywood movie under shoot with insufficient funds and the worse part is that there ain’t no climax for any of the scams , it’s just that we presume that the politicians and his friends lives happily ever after,” he fumed.

“There ain’t no romance, ain’t no murders, ain’t no twists. It’s just only shitty politics and we are getting bored,” he added.

There were also suggestions to rope in Aamir who is in the process of hunting topics for Satyamev jayate part 2. “I think he could give a new dimension to the scams that are yet to be highlighted, his expertise could be handy,” said a member of AITVAI. “Though Aamir may not be as imaginative as the political morons out there making innovative loots , he may prove valuable to help them with decent screenplay,” he added.