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Telangana's latest roadblocks - Sunrisers and Hotshots

29, Jul 2013 By chilambu

While the political landscape in Delhi and Andhra Pradesh seems embroiled over the creation of Telangana, the sports patrons of the country have taken strategic timeouts from their day-to-day jobs as politicians/businessmen/actors/gamblers etc in order to discuss counter-tactics to the humiliating snub faced by them in the entire statehood discourse. Apparently miffed over the total disregard for the patronizing sports elites of the country in the political discussions for new states,  the patrons have decided to create a new society named BSCI (Board of Sports Control in India) along the lines of BCCI, to exert pressure on the government against arbitrary announcement of new state formations. This was only after they realized that pressure groups cannot be registered as “lobbies” as per Indian rules and hence the cover of “registered society” though they made it clear that they have nothing to do with the civil society of India.

Within minutes of BSCI launching its inaugural facebook page, it had received several “likes” from eminent sports administrators like Soresh Kolmadi, Lolit Madi, Goronath Moiyoppan, Roj Kondra etc. Interestingly Roj Kondra (enthused by the latest clean shit given by the BCCI) has offered multiple “likes” on the BSCI facebook page through various aliases on behalf of Sonjoy Dott, Rojosthan Royols players etc who are unable to access Facebook from their current cellular locations. Initial press releases by the BSCI has strongly condemned the extra-curricular activities of Police and government in the sports management of the country. Plans are being drawn up for hunger strikes and jail bharo andolans to attain media visibility for the newly born BSCI, with plans of converting BSCI into worlds’s first sports political party in the near future.

 It is worth mentioning here that the BSCI has made it clear that it is not entirely against the concept of new states as from a sporting perspective it believes that more the number of states, the more the number of teams, and thus lengthier the duration of various leagues. This way the leagues can run for an entire year thereby doing away with yawning stale test cricket matches and other irrelevant sports tournaments like the ongoing Zimbabwean cricket tour, Sub-junior badminton nationals etc. BSCI’s demand is only that they be rightfully consulted in the political decision making process in any future state creation as their sporting identities would be at loss with such mindless division of region-consolidated loyal fan bases.

Owners of Sunrisers Hyderabad and Hyderabad Hotshots have even threatened to de-link their franchises with Telangana Hyderabad and associate their teams with Pakistan Hyderabad. Secret behind-the-doors discussions have already been initiated in that regard with Sonio Mirza brokering a deal between BSCI and the Pakistan government, with the latter offering their undivided loyalty to any franchise associated with any region in their country other than Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Gauging the rebellious mood among Indian sports fraternity, the Chinese have reportedly mobilized their troops in Kashmir signalling their intention to associate their new territory-under-ongoing-occupation with the Indian sporting franchisees which they hope will eventually offer international legitimacy to their soon-to-be-occupied Kashmir.

Taken aback by the snowballing of internal regional division into a full-fledged international conflict, the Indian government has decided to postpone any decision that would antagonize the powerful BSCI. The government spokesperson Digvojoy Singh has posted the government’s decision to not take any decision in the BSCI facebook page which received immediate likes from N.Srinivoson, Neeroj Komar Singh, D.Sobborao, Altomos Kobir, Bikrom Singh, Monmohon Singh etc. Surprisingly however the Indian public wasn’t too surprised by the latest government decision and decided to carry on with their day-to-day jobs.