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Telangana government scraps Hyderabad Metro Rail, will handover tracks to cabs and autowalas

23, Oct 2016 By HyderabadiPagalPatrakar

Hyderabad: Telangana government today announced scrapping of Hyderabad Metro Rail project as it failed to start metro services for the commuters even after 60% of the project was ready for service. The project was started 5 years ago in 2011 and it has been moving at a slow pace since then causing more troubles to commuters than benefits.

Sharing further details, a senior government official said that the government has decided to handover the already constructed tracks to cabs and autowalas. Speaking to our reporter Hyderabadi Pagal Patrakar on condition of anonymity, he said, “We all know the quality of Hyderabad roads have been worst since past few months thanks to the shabby maintenance by GHMC and damages caused by metro rail construction. And the unruly cabs and autos on these pathetic roads only add to the adversities. By moving them from roads onto the overhead tracks, government is hoping that the conditions will improve on the roads.”

No metro train is on the track: Soon Ola and Uber would run on them
No metro train is on the track: Soon Ola and Uber would run on them

While trying to get reactions from citizens, our reporter spoke to Babu Rao, a local businessman. Sharing his view on this news, he said, “We always knew this TRS government would leave no stone unturned to provide better services to the citizens and from the day KTR sir, minister for Municipal Administration & Urban Development, has taken special interest in Hyderabad, he has been coming up with creative ideas to solve problems faced by the citizens. We were tired of seeing the metro pillars for last 5 years, now we are glad they are being put to some use.” On asking about the potential loss to the exchequer he said, “Money is not a problem, yes thousands of crores would go down the drain but this was the reason we were protesting for separate state in first place, so that we have surplus money to waste” . And on asking about the multiple deaths (click for more details) caused due to the potholes, he said, “It’s all because of heavy rains, just blame rains and move on, we have been doing same previously with Congress, don’t expect government to maintain roads”.

Another citizen Kiraak Pattha from the old city area of Hyderabad, reacting to this news said, “We don’t understand the whole fuss about roads, metro rail, development,  etc, we are used to these roads potholes in old city thanks to our MLAs & MP whom we vote only on basis of religion, so these don’t matter to us”.