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Teenagers fall sick after performing the Ice Bucket Challenge too many times

27, Aug 2014 By Somesh Chandran

India. Over 50 children fell sick today after each one of them performed the Ice Bucket Challenge more than the number of times as prescribed on the ALS website.

The condition of the children was however not serious since each one of them came down with an ordinary cold and fever.

According to doctors at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), the children took the challenge too seriously and started challenging each other for common ailments like cold, fever and cramps.  As a result of this, the kids ended up pouring nearly 250 liters of cold water on themselves each in order to spread awareness about various ailments.

Residents in the nearby buildings vociferously protested against the regular water cuts in their area. Thirty-five year old Ramesh, an I.T professional said, “I was taking a shower one day and all of a sudden the water supply stopped abruptly. It’s a good thing I had already washed away the soap from my body, or else it would have been a very awkward situation.”

Meanwhile slum dwellers in the nearby locality have insisted that the #icebucket challenge should be performed by them.”We normally are not fortunate enough to have a bath everyday. Hence I believe the residents should make the donation on the website and let us take up the challenge. In this process I and my friends will also end up feeling fresher every morning. We have no problem with the people shooting our video to create awareness for the disease.”

However 18 year old Chintu (a resident in the locality) complained “the whole point of this challenge is to get noticed and share videos with my friends. It’s like the Harlem shake phenomenon. I am sorry but I will not let anyone else perform the challenge for me. I will be making the donation hence I deserve to get wet as many times I want.”

“My parents refused to take me to water kingdom this year and hence this is the only alternative I have.”

Poor Chintu does not realize that the ice bucket challenge is a punishment for not donating.

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