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A Teenager survives and tells her story

02, Aug 2017 By khakshar

“I thought she was going to die,” her younger sister explained with tears in her eyes. “There was nothing I could do. It was like living without oxygen in some reality show.”

The teen meanwhile is just “happy to be alive” after suffering a traumatic separation from her mobile phone during the dinner. “I didn’t check the battery before we sat down to eat because I was busy texting my friends and posting on FB and Tweeting. I will never make that mistake again. Never!”Screenshot_673

As a result of her lapse, the girl endured the entire dinner without any connection to her friends. Her mobile phone charged on the kitchen counter nearby.

“I couldn’t even share a photo of the food,” she explained. “I had no thumbs-up emoji to let everyone know that it tasted really good. I was completely cut-off from humanity!”

During the dinner, her mother became alarmed when she saw storm clouds through weather update. “The temperature was dropping as the sun was setting and I knew my daughter would have little time to make plans with her friends to get a ride to the party that evening. It was a race against time.”

“I was trembling,” the girl cried, as she remembered feeling that all was lost. “I will never sit down to dinner again without checking my mobile phone battery in advance. Life is short and the connection to my friends is a precious gift . I will not take for granted in the future.”

Her father concluded. “I’m just thankful she survived.”

At The Party 

The teenager somehow managed to reach the party. She did a  quick session with Eighteen photos on Instagram, FB and other Social Medias. The girl looked not her usual self though. Some photos show her garb some stuff and gasping.White most photos declared her and the friends’ love of food.