Friday, 27th April, 2018

Teenager protests against twitter 280 characters limit

28, Sep 2017 By thelostleaf

A teenage guy from kanpur with the handle @imachohunk starts protesting on social media against increasing the character limit of a tweet from 140 characters to 280 characters . @imachohunk used to tweet mostly “looking cute” and “nice dp” on girls pictures. He starts counting the number of characters in front of us and said “See, this is very characterless “. His major concern was now his tweets looks very small which could reflect his lack of imagination. He even started a facebook page named “We want limited freedom of expression”.  He requested all his 15 followers on twitter and facebook (combined) to join him in this noble cause.

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Meanwhile, Twitter took it very seriously.  CEO of twitter Jack Dorsey has sent a personal apology to @imachohunk and called an immediate board meeting to look into the matter.