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Techies in Bangalore removed from the post of team lead after they shared a car to office

30, Jul 2014 By jokertyagi

In outrageous event, two techies from Bangalore were removed from the post of team lead since they shared the same car to reach office.

IT industry calls it a very shameful event and said both the techies were anti development. Massive protest was seen from all the team leads and managers of many well-known firms throughout Bangalore city after the news spread like wild-fire.

The protesters were adamant to sack both the techies immediately. The incident that happened involved two team leads from Fake IT solutions. When contacted, one of the techies was too ashamed for the interview but we managed to interview his wife.

His wife said since they have two kids and the prices are so high for everything in Bangalore we decided some cost cutting. She took all the blame and said it was her who advised her husband to share car with a colleague who lives in the same building since it will reduce the everyday fuel cost as both of them share same office and residential buildings.

The other techie on the other hand gave the same story and said the wife of the first techie made him believe that this will reduce fuel cost and this is so innovative idea that if everyone follows it, it will reduce the traffic in Bangalore and people will reach home early that too in half price.

He said while sobbing, “I was blinded by greed of saving money and will not repeat the mistake in future.”

The incident ignited when one of the Manager from the same firm i.e. Fake It Solutions saw them sharing the car. “At first I thought that one of them has sent his car for servicing, but when I inquired I got no satisfactory answers. So I took the big step. I went to their manager and explained him the whole thing,” said Manager Faking Nair.

The other manager mister Fakest Sharma then took the matter in his hands, he said, “At first I didn’t believe the news, but later Mr. Nair made me believe it. Then I took the matter in my hand, when even after threats to increase the work load and overtime failed, I told them I would delay their appraisal. I know it was harsh step but I needed the truth, and it also worked both of them cracked and admitted to their grave fault. It’s shameful and we can’t have this thing in our office.”

The protestors went on rampage after the news leaked from manager’s office. “This is not happening not in Bangalore, if people will start sharing their car than soon there will be less traffic and pollution. It is totally against development. I mean you see developing countries they have traffic jams for 10 hours and we in Bangalore just for 4 hours at max. We have to compete with them and people like them are not letting it happen,” said one of the protestor.

“This is the status symbol of Managers and leads, we travel one person per car. Two people per car is only acceptable if the other guy is taxi driver, that is it plain and simple,” said the other protestor. One more protestor who was very furious said, “we team leads are earning money, good money. Petrol and diesels are ours to waste, this is simple mathematical equation the more you waste fuel the better status you have. I go for a walk in my car for God’s sake If we starts thinking about fuel wastage what will happen to our status, just think.”

Also someone from the team who didn’t wanted to be named said, “I see only one guy per car on the roads with full traffic jams. Since the weather here in Bangalore is always rainy we bikers often get wet in the rain. Car owners laugh at us sitting in their air-conditioned car. This makes us feel more competitive to get a car so that we can sit alone inside listening to the music and laugh at the bikers standing outside getting wet. This helps in the growth.”