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Techies got emotional after watching Rahul Gandhi's 'Frankly Speaking' Interview

30, Jan 2014 By thetechie

Rahul Gandhi now has a new set of fans obviously not for his political charisma but for his deeds. It was reported that Indian based techies all over the world got emotional after watching Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Frankly Speaking’ Interview. Many Facebook Fan pages were created last night after the interview. Not only the techies but also engineering students started praising Rahul baba from last night. Many twitter hashtags like #RahulAnswers #InspiringRahul #RahulIsAnEngineer started trending.

Rahul vs Arnab
The defining moment

Our enthusiastic Faking News Reporter interviewed some of the emotional techies and also some engineering students. When asked about the reason behind this, the techies responded that the Frankly Speaking Interview of Rahul Baba reminded them of their Engineering life and especially Engineering Lab Viva Voce. Our reporter, at first got confused but tried to get profound details. The emotional techie recollected his days of graduation, where he used to spend his days like a shehzada.

Coming to the Viva Voce part, he said that he used to blabber whatever comes into his mind irrespective of the question asked by the Examiner just like what their upcoming idol Rahul Baba did during the Frankly Speaking Interview. He said that he understood the inner feelings of Rahul Baba like frightened, empty-mindedness etc as he himself has been through such situations during every Viva Voce.

When the Engineering students were asked about their crazy reason, the response was that the interview was inspiring. Our bewildered reporter tried to dig deeper and found that most of the engineering students  felt confident after watching the interview and got the courage to attend their placement interviews without any preparation. When Rahul Baba(with his unused brain) can dare to face Arnab in the interview, they can easily face the HR/interviewer of recruiting company, shouted one of the energy-gained student.

Apart from techies and graduation students, stand-up comedians are planning to form a union with Pappu as their Head.